The European Bike Express

The commercial company European Bike Express, which started in 1993, offers a guaranteed means of safely transporting your bike to France by bus.

European Bike Express

The Bike Express bus pulls a specially designed bike trailer to accommodate bikes of all shapes and sizes, along with all your cycling kit, including panniers and trailers. The service offers two main European routes: an Atlantic Coast route that links Calais to the Pyrenees via Orléans, Tours, Poitiers, Saintes, Bordeaux, Bayonne and Lourdes, before returning north viaToulouse and Agen; and a Mediterranean route that takes in the Alps (Nancy, Lyon and Grenoble) and the Med (Montpellier,Narbonne and Perpignan) before crossing into northern Spain.

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Pick-up and drop-off points in both the UK and France are outlined on the website, where it is also possible to make reservations.

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