About Us

Peter Bates

pjb Associates is led by Senior Partner – Peter Bates – who brings together associates for specific projects as a when required.

For more than twenty-six years, Peter Bates has run a small consultancy – pjb Associates – that focuses on “innovative ways of doing things”. One activity is looking at ways to encourage greater use of public transport – through “re-discovery”, development and implementation of technology solutions and innovative sustainable “business models”.

It’s all about making it attractive to use a public transport alternative (bus, train, ferry, train-taxi) service rather than just “jumping into a car” and the environmental and congestion consequences of doing this.

  • “Re-discovery” – is all about raising awareness of what is possible using public transport in a cost effective way. And the actual experience of using a bus or a train becomes pleasurable rather than a being to an end.
  • Using technology solutions – is smart apps to enable travellers to easily get information and also to be able to book in advance using an integrated multi-mode ticketing system.
  • Innovative sustainable “business models” – is about innovative non-conventional solutions – like a train-taxi solution and demand-responsive transport, that is much easier to implement now that technology solutions are available.

Currently, we are carrying out a study into:-

Feasibility study into public transportation options for widening access to the Ouse Washes

The other activities of pjb Associates involve: –

Innovation, creativity and lateral thinking are the common themes and transferable skills that run through all these activities.

In 2011 he also founded and is a director of what has become a not-for-profit social enterprise “The 80percent Company” – that helps communities to save energy and reduce carbon emissions through economically-sustainable smart-living. This is currently run on a part-time basis.

He was a Director of Internet Television Productions Ltd and also a Director of its sister company ITP Vision Ltd. Both of which focused on the development of Personalised and Internet TV.

Peter’s work has involved analysing, monitoring and evaluating developments concerning managerial and technological issues related to current and future developments in networked learning. This has resulted in successfully managing and completing many projects and reports for the European Parliament, European Commission, UNESCO and other small and large commercial companies and national agencies. He has also worked on many research, development, implementation, dissemination projects as well as managing small and medium sized projects simultaneously. This has involved travelling and working in various parts of Europe, USA, Brazil and Central Asia.

He has also spent fifteen years teaching in secondary and further education and in the advisory service in various parts of England and Wales. He has taught on Master’s and other post graduate courses in England and Portugal. He was a cabinet governor (like board of Directors) at Ely College, a secondary school in Cambridgeshire, UK with more than 1200 students and a budget of more than £6.5m.

He has a MSc in Training awarded by the University of Leicester, UK (1994) achieved through distance learning and has a Certificate of Education (qualified Teacher status) awarded by the University of Liverpool, UK (1975). He also has a second Master’s degree in “Management in the Network Economy” (MINE) (2005) an international course taught in English at the Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore, Department of Economics, Piacenza, Italy, in conjunction with the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) of the University of California at Berkeley.